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Fidia Farmaceutici s.p.a.

Innovation, quality, internationalization, competitiveness. These are Fidia Farmaceutici s.p.a.'s four leading principles. Principles we are committed to deliver, with our people and ideas, approaching the market with a firm grip on reality and developing value-added solutions to healthcare challenges, which is the demand placed on us. INNOVATION, resulting in product lines to manage and cure common pathologies with a major social impact, offering integrated solutions that reflect the current need to reduce health expenditure without economising on quality and reliability. QUALITY, that signifies state-of-the-art production following the strictest national and international regulation systems and the highest safety standards. We have invested in the total production capacity and have added new technologies, thus increasing the flexibility towards our customers and partners. INTERNATIONALIZATION, which translates into economic stability consolidated over the years, a strength that has enabled Fidia to further go international, successfully entering diverse markets worldwide and consolidate partnerships, while maintaining a leading position in its home market. COMPETITIVENESS, that enables Fidia to be present in the market as a leader, with the very latest methods and products, but with a scientific culture that derives from a long-standing tradition for research - the experience of yesterday behind the up-to-the-minute reality of today. 

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